By Federico Acuña Espiritu

Every Nonie Cruzado creation showcases his intense curiosity about the complex mysteries of the mind. In about 30 shows and three films, mostly for kids, he wows the beholder with his mastery of diverse media: graphite, pen, ink, and even acrylic paints.

Good Things Come to an End (Cruzado Collections)

Cruzado’s filmography includes two documentaries and a feature film.  His favorite, “A Long March” by Director Tammy Botkin and produced by Benito Bautista of the San Diego Filipino Cinema.  The film recognizes World War II veterans disenfranchised by the US government with the 1946 Recission Act of 1946.  

Nonie just recently finished the film assignment “Reclaiming Denver’s Chinatown.”

Cruzado at Pistahan (Photo by Freddie Espiritu)

An art book geek, Cruzado plans to release a project with his own vision of the genre in the future, inspired and prodded by collaborator-colleague Ian Sta. Maria of the “Salamanca” book fame.  Another future collaboration with Tammy Botkin will be illustrating her graphic novel.

At the Art Pavilion gallery of the 2022 Pistahan Parade and Festival in San Francisco.

Born in the Philippines and educated at the University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts and Design,  Cruzado majored in Painting. He says the recent Art Pavilion gallery exhibition at the Pistahan Festival was his best FilAm event experience.

He loved the energy, the community, and everything about the mammoth festivities where he was able to meet young kids starting their own art exploration. He got an appreciation award from San Francisco Mayor London Breed. See more of Nonie Cruzado’s art pieces on Instagram or Facebook page @artof_cruzado.